I'm Glad I'm Me, Weaving the Thread of Love from Generation to Generation, by Sheila Aron.
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This precious little book lays out a blueprint for happiness filled with loving words and loving actions.  Each page is a treasure map: follow it and you will be glad you are you.
— Lidya K. Osadchey, Chief Executive Officer
ESCAPE Family Resource Center, Houston

I bought this for my granddaughter simply because it is such a beautiful book. I quickly discovered its profound value. It teaches us to talk love - and makes us comfortable doing so. I'm Glad I'm Me gives us the words we want to say. How much more helpful will this book be to families who have never experienced such nurturing words! Here is a way to discover them. Here, in one appealing little book, is the foundation of happiness.
— Review

“I’m Glad I’m Me defines love for both children and adults, and is an excellent gift for new parents and for teachers of preschool-age children.
— Review

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