I'm Glad I'm Me, Weaving the Thread of Love from Generation to Generation, by Sheila Aron, is a book great book for self esteem for children or for Child Abuse Prevention, Parenting Books, Self Help Books, Children's Learning Books for teachers, clergy, libraries, psychologist, social workers, parents, grandparents and family members.

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Love, like a thread, weaves and entwines. Love leave memories that last throughout time. Love is the key to all you can be; Love makes you think, I'm Glad I'm Me.
Meet the Author, Sheila Aron. Sheila Aron takes us on a walk through the language of unconditional love in her debut book, I’m Glad I’m Me, Weaving the Thread of Love From Generation to Generation.

Communicated through a collection of 18 simple, everyday conversation models, this book illustrates how far the language of “I love you the way you are” can go toward helping a child think and feel, “I’m glad I'm me.”

I’m Glad I’m Me is written with the conviction that how messages of love are communicated between parents and children can positively shape a child’s personality, self-esteem, and – in later years – their approach to their own children. The timeless messages of I'm Glad I'm Me can benefit readers of all ages and stages of life.

Sheila Aron’s advocacy for loving parent-child relationships reaches deep into her Houston community. She has donated copies of I’m Glad I’m Me to various charitable organizations including Harris County Children’s Protective Service, ESCAPE Family Resource Center and ChildBuilders™ for distribution to families served by these organizations.

For more information about purchasing I’m Glad I’m Me, Weaving the Thread of Love From Generation to Generation, click here. A free, downloadable I’m Glad I’m Me Reader Enrichment Guide is also available.

The few minutes it takes to read and share this book could impact a child for a lifetime.

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A SPANISH version of Me Alegra Ser Yo (I’m Glad I’m Me) is available also! »
Sheila Aron author of I'm Glad I'm Me with children.
Sheila Aron, author of I'm Glad I'm Me, with children holding threads.

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A resource for families struggling to communicate their feelings and also to develop self esteem in their children.
Donated to Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults, Childbuilders, ESCAPE Family Resource Center.
This children's book can be used for building Self Esteem, Child Abuse Prevention, Parenting Books, Self Help Books, Teaching Values, Children's Learning Books by Teachers, Educators, Clergy,
Libraries, Psychologist, Social Workers, Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Family Members.
Written about loving parent and child relationships through messages of love, respect and caring.
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